Overseas Applicants

Full Time English Teacher (1-year renewable contract)

月給 25万円
・Transportation: fully reimbursed
・Includes medical insurance enrollment
アクセス This is an overseas position in Japan

1700 schools, 2300 teachers, 40+ years of history

If you enjoy having fun with children, BE studio may be a great fit for you.

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IP Instructors have set weekly classes (40-60 min lessons,
up to 8 students/class) to teach students from mainly 1-12
years old. This is our most common position available,
and it is best suited for those who want to teach the same
students and encourage their long-term development.




勤務曜日・時間 <Standard Work Schedule>
・Work days: Tuesday-Saturday
・Work Hours: 10:00-18:00
・7 hours of work / day, 5 days/week,
35 hours /week
・Work schedule is subject to change
based on school placement
資格 【Must Have】
・Bachelor's Degree
・English Proficiency
・Experience with children (any)
e.g. babysitter, teacher, daycare,
camp counselor, tutor...etc.
・Passion for working with children
・Team player, professional work ethics
・TESOL/TEFL or relevant background
・Experience in Japan (any)
About 【1700 schools, 2300 teachers, 40+ yrs】
BE studio offers exciting language
learning programs to children of ages
mainly 1 through 12.
Our brand concept symbolizes our
approach in valuing students'
originality and character. We hope to
nurture heart felt communication skills
through fun and interactive lessons.
Responsibility ・Lesson delivery (40-60 min lessons)
・Lesson preparation, room set up
・Customer communication: build rapport
maintain cordial relationships
・Promotional (Demo) lesson delivery
・Support school staff on operational,
promotional work
・Attend meetings, training, workshops
・Participate in seasonal events, camps,
special lessons, concerts...etc
・Others: relevant to the above
Work Schedule <Standard Work Schedule>
・Work Days: Saturday + 4 weekdays
・Work Hours: 10:00-18:00
*These are standard work hours
Work days/hours are subject to change
depending on your school placement
<Days Off>
・National holidays
・Company established holidays
・Paid holidays
Benefits (1) ・Visa sponsorship
・One way airfare support
・Support finding housing
・Airport pick up service
・Hotel accommodation (up to 5 days)
・24 hr call center (conditions apply)
・Set up day: bank account, city hall,
utility set up, mobile/internet...etc.
・Pre-departure orientation
・Pre-departure Weekly newsletter
・Culture/lifestyle orientation
Benefits (2) ・Social insurance enrollment
- includes medical Insurance
・Paid Holiday
・Professional development sessions
・Job posting opportunities
・Early work hours (daytime position)
・Collaboration events with Benesse
・Safe & convenient environment
・Bilingual HQ staff
Environment ・Most schools are located inside
shopping center facilities
・There are 1 to 3 classrooms per school
・All teaching materials, including the
curriculum, lesson plan, stationary,
toys, crafts...etc. are prepared
・There will be a bilingual lesson
partner to support with classroom
management, customer communication,
and day to day school operation.
Why BE studio? ・Focused on teaching children
- rewarding experience of seeing
students smile and show progress
- fun and exciting environment
- daytime work hours
・Ownership: being responsible for the
same class through the academic year,
and working with school staff to
bring impact not only as a teacher,
but as a core member of the team
Why BE studio? (→Continued)
・Stability, Scope of Business
As part of the Benesse group, the
leading education company in Japan,
we have access to various
collaboration opportunities
・Sufficient support
- Experienced, bilingual staff
- Pre-departure/post arrival support
- On going care, support, mentorship


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Overseas Applicants