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BE studio (formerly Minerva) has been providing language learning services to young learners for over 40 years in Japan. As a member of the Benesse Group, BE studio provides a variety of enjoyable and challenging English language programs.

Available Positions

Benesse BE studio offers a wide range of language learning services to young learners. BE studio's extensive network of clientele has positions to highlight the teaching style you love most.

International Program Instructor
(IP Instructor)
IP Instructor
IP Instructors have set weekly classes (40-60 min lessons, up to 8 students/class) to teach students from mainly 1-12 years old. The schools called “plazas” are often located inside shopping centers for convenience and concentrated customer traffic. This is our most common position available, and it is best suited for those who want to teach the same students and encourage their long-term development.
BKG Teacher
BKG  Teacher
BKG Teachers teach at kindergartens and nursery schools contracted with BE studio. Classes are usually on weekday mornings, and some IP Instructors teach BKG classes in the morning before going to their regular schools. BKG classes are best suited for those who enjoy teaching younger children (pre-elementary school).
Substitute Instructor
Substitute Instructor
Substitute Instructors also teach lessons at plazas like IP instructors. However, this position is common for teachers who have availability for work but can’t necessarily commit to a set schedule for a full year. The number of available substitute classes varies, but this position is best for those who prefer a more flexible working style.
International Preschool Teacher
International Preschool Teacher
Benesse BE studio operates two international preschools in Kanagawa and Hyogo. Teachers at these locations teach a specialized bilingual curriculum, where students learn other subjects in English. In addition to having a passion for teaching younger learners, teachers with a strong educational background are encouraged to apply.
Visitation Teacher
Visitation Teacher
Visitation Teachers join English classes taught by Japanese teachers. The lesson content is set, and foreign teachers join as a guest teacher. This position is common for those with no previous teaching experience and is a great way to get started in the industry.
Event Teacher
Event Teacher
Benesse offers dispatch services to group companies and corporate clientele. Event teachers participate in English events such as English concerts, workshops, and seasonal events. This position is ideal for those who are looking for extra work and prefer more creative teaching experiences.

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About BE studio

We support the nurturing of heartfelt communication skills for our children,
to be able to join hands with the people of the world in creating new values.
≪Brand Concept≫
BE studio values students’ "BE YOURSELF" and "WANT TO BE".
We believe that every student is different, and that there are 100 different stories in our classroom for 100 students.

About BE studio

Our Services

Benesse BE studio offers language learning services to children of all ages
Over 1700 English Classrooms Nationwide
International Pre-School/Kindergarten Operation
Events (Camps, Concerts, Workshops)
English Educational Services for Kindergartens


What is a typical day like?
Most plazas have 1 or 2 lessons in the morning, then 3 or 4 lessons in the late afternoon. Teachers who work a full day typically work between 10:00 to 18:00, but the work time is adjusted depending on the class schedule (e.g., 10:30 to 18:30).
What age groups do I teach the most? Do I have to teach younger children by myself?
The majority of students are between 2 and 7 years old, although classes with older students do exist. However, for all preschool age classes, you do not have to teach by yourself; there will be a Japanese “lesson partner” to help you and the students.
Do I have to create my own lessons or prepare original materials?
No. There are lesson plans and materials for every class level, ready for use in the classroom. There will also be preparation time to look over the lesson plans before you teach.
How many hours can I get as a Substitute/Visitation Teacher?
It varies depending on the teacher’s availability and class locations. Teachers in these positions aren’t bound to a yearly schedule, so each month, they can adjust their availability.
Do I have to work on national holidays or Sundays?
No, we do not schedule regular lessons on national holidays. There may be special lessons or other events that fall on holidays/Sundays, but they are not mandatory. If a teacher is asked to work on a holiday/Sunday and is willing to do so, they will be given time off on another day within the same month.
Do I get insurance?
All employees working at least 30 hours a week regularly are enrolled in social insurance (shakai hoken). Employees who participate in shakai hoken also get one free comprehensive health examination (ningen dock) in addition to the regular company health check-up.
How often can I take vacations?
Teachers receive paid vacation following standard labor laws in Japan. Our lesson calendar has 12 “no lesson weeks” in the year, where there are no regular lessons. This is the best time to take paid vacation, and there are plenty of chances to do so. For teachers who work during no lesson weeks, there are special seasonal lessons and makeup lessons at the schools, but we also provide professional development workshops at our head office to build teaching skills.
Are there advancement opportunities at BE studio?
Yes! BE studio has a comprehensive mentor and trainer career path for employees who have shown a variety of necessary skills (teaching skills, communication skills, etc), and for qualified individuals who have some level of Japanese proficiency, there are other opportunities at our head office (human resources, product development, etc).

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